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Industrial Pumps

PT.DFT provide a wide range of applications for a various range of applications. Most of the common centrifugal and positive displacements pumps are available for selection. For more concerned applications such fire pumps, chemical applications or process pumps; we could offer an engine coupled pumps, magnetic pumps, Stainless steel pumps and thermoplastic pumps that you meet your industry standard.

Different accessories to support the installation of pumps system would be provided to our specific standard. The demand of booster package for high rise building also available for specific design calculation. In submersible rangers, we provided standard wastewater and sewage applications. We also has a submersible range for handles slurry applications. Specially for water treatment we could design a static mixer for your needs. The positive displacement range includes gear pumps, screw pumps and diaphragm pumps are available in different types.



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