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SEKO Product

Motor Driven Metering Pumps

All the different type of reciprocating positive-displacement mechanisms can be fitted with simple plunger/ piston heads, and diaphragm heads.

Spring Series

Plunger and mechanical diaphragm metering pumps

Three sizes of mechanism and a wide selection of models with different performances allow the user to find the appropriate solution for almost any application.

NEXA Series

Plunger and Double Diaphragm pumps with fully engaged mechanism for heavy duty.

The experience cumulated with SEKO Exacta series pumps in the heavy duty applications has been utilized for the industrialized design of this series. High flexibility in the pump configuration and easy maintenance allow to customize the pump also after the installation.


E Exacta Series

Plunger and piston pumps with fully engaged mechanism

The plunger pumps of the SEKO E Exacta Series are the ideal choice for applications with harmless liquids. They are simple, easy to maintain, highly accurate and very reliable.

Photometer Systems

Multi-Parameter Control Unit for contemporary determination of Free Chlorine (Photometric System), pH, Redox and Temperature. The system is equipped with a graphic display subdivided into areas for simultaneous display of all available measurements.

SWE Exacta Series
Hydraulic diaphragm pumps with fully engaged mechanism
The SEKO SWE Exacta series pumps can be considered a process instruments that allows the transfer, metering and control of liquids, without leakage. The double diaphragm allows critical applications and the detection of the first failure, giving the timing for the maintenance.